We love sailing and have something for everyone

Social sailors - Many of our members enjoy relaxed social sailing which can take place on any sailing day. During the week our members are responsible for their own safety and they manage this by arranging to be at the club in groups hence why we call it social sailing. At the weekend social sailors must keep clear of any boat involved in racing, but it is a large lake and there is room for all of us to enjoy sailing. Thursday and Friday evenings social sailing have been popular additions to the schedule and take place when the evenings are lighter for longer.

Junior sailors - We run a very popular juniors club called Super Sailors on alternate Saturday mornings from Spring to Autumn. The more experienced juniors are also very welcome to join in with the "grown up" racing at weekends.

Racing sailors - For those that like "competitive" sailing we organise weekend races for a variety of club trophies. Racing at our club is very friendly and those members new to sailing are encouraged to have a go through the regular Beginners and Improvers races.

Alternating sailing days

We share the lake with the local power boat club so each club has access to the water on alternate days. See our calendar on the quick links menu for the full year's worth of sailing days.

Adopted fleets

We have 5 adopted Senior classes and 2 Junior classes. The single-handed senior classes are Laser/ILCA, Solo, and Streaker while the double-handed senior classes are Enterprise and GP14. The junior classes are Optimist and Topper.

All other dinghies sail in the Handicap fleet (subject to maximum length of 4.6m (15 feet), and Portsmouth Rating up to and including 1500, excluding multihulls). We recommend that you talk to other club members before buying a boat, and that when you do, you also join the relevant Class Association.

Before you sail or leave a boat at the club you must gain approval from
the Harbourmaster by completing a boat registration form

All boats must be insured, including £2,000,000 Third Party Risk.

Laser/ILCA ilca.uk

Solo www.solosailing.org.uk

Streaker www.streaker-class.org.uk

Enterprise www.sailenterprise.co.uk

GP14 www.gp14.org

Topper www.itca-gbr.co.uk