Tamworth Sailing Club

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Tamworth Sailing Club members enjoying Plas Menai

New members are welcome at Tamworth Sailing Club

Membership of Tamworth Sailing Club is open to all on a non discriminatory basis.

We are a community amateur sports club run by its members for its members and by joining you are agreeing to do your bit to help run what is then your sailing club. The minimum commitment is not onerous with about three duty days per year and attendance at a working party to help maintain the club and grounds. There are also many other rewarding opportunities for those wishing to volunteer more time and many choose to do so.

Before you make the decision about joining please come along to the club and speak to our existing members. There are usually several committee members around during sailing days each weekend and we would be delighted to see you.

See the left hand menu for more details of the types of membership and the associated fees, how to apply, and a copy of the club rules.

Membership categories and conditions

Family Member shall be entitled to and subject to full Club privileges and obligations. Membership shall extend to include the member’s co-habiting spouse / partner and all children within their guardianship under the age of 18 years (unless in full time education when it extends to 21 years). The family unit shall have one vote in General meetings which may be exercised by either adult.

Full Member shall have attained the age of 18 years at the date of application and shall be entitled to and subject to full Club privileges and obligations including the right to vote at General Meetings.

Junior Member under the age of 18 years shall be entitled to full club privileges including boat ownership, but is not entitled to vote. Junior membership is on an individual basis and does not extend to the member’s family. A Junior member under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by another adult member ( of minimum Longshore status) be they parent, guardian or sponsor, who will undertake responsibility for that Junior member at all times.

Longshore Member being an adult over 18 years does not participate in any sailing activity, be it helming, crewing, but wishes to establish or retain contact with the Club on a social basis, and shall be entitled to all Club privileges except that he / she will not be allowed to bring a boat to the Club and is not entitled to a vote. Longshore membership extends to the spouse / co-habiting partner. A Longshore member will not be required to participate in Duty Teams. Membership can be upgraded to Full or Family membership at any time during a membership year by payment to the Club of the difference between the Longshore subscription and the chosen Full or Family membership subscription.

Kinsgbury Water Park passes

All club members qualify for a pass from the Water Park Office, giving them free access to the Water Park at all times (it is usually £4.50 to get through the barrier).

Park passes should be obtained directly from the Kingsbury Water Park (KWP) reception. Passes are free except for a deposit. Family membership entitles the member to two passes and other categories are limited to one pass. All are subject to the KWP conditions. Further passes may be obtained at the standard KWP rates. KWP will only issue passes against individual names so for 2 passes you need 2 names registered on our membership list and hence your membership card. KWP will require you to produce your membership card to provide proof of current membership.