We are proud to be an RYA Training Centre
offering a range of RYA courses for adults and juniors

Adult training pathway

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Learning to sail is a bit like learning to drive a car or motorbike which starts with formal instruction under the close supervision of an instructor. Once you pass your test you are deemed safe to continue learning on your own and the more you pratice the more experience you gain under lots of different conditions. Our sailing pathway infographic helps to explain a typicial journey from spectator to sailor along with the support and opportunites available to members for you to practice what you have learnt.

No previous sailing experience is necessary as the RYA Level 1 Start Sailing course is designed to introduce sailing in a safe, enjoyable and informative way.

RYA Level 2 Basic Skills builds on the introduction and soon you will be sailing confidently on your own.

When you are ready to enhance your skills further, usually in your second season (or later if you prefer), we run the RYA Level 3 Better Sailing and RYA Start Racing courses.

The Level 1 course includes temporary club membership for the duration of the course. Level 2 and onwards are available to club members only (as we are a sailing club rather than a sailing school). Level 2 includes club membership for the remainder of the season. We are a self help club so membership carries some obligations too but these are not onerous and a great way to meet new friends. Learning to sail at Tamworth Sailing Club is a very cost effective and enjoyable way to learn to sail and to gain your RYA qualifications.

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Junior training

In addition to our fun Super Sailors sessions we also encourage all junior members to join the youth sailing course for formal training which runs once each month on a sailing Sunday from 9am – 12.00 and follows the RYA ‘Youth Start Sailing Scheme’

Sailors will quickly improve in their sailing ability and then practice their skills during Super Sailors.

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Why learn to sail at Tamworth Sailing Club?

The support, encouragement, and guidance on hand after the course is finished that sets Tamworth Sailing Club apart. In addition the club training boats are available at no extra charge for our students. We want you to carry on sailing to practice your new found skills and really build confidence on the water. Come along to the club when we are open and speak to our members to find out more.

A couple of promotional sailing videos to inspire you

(The location is not Tamworth Sailing Club. Please be aware that these links take you off our website and onto YouTube. We are not responsible for anything else you might find on there.)

Video: Start Dinghy Sailing

Video: Intermediate Dinghy Sailing

And a short video we put together ourselves

Video: Learn to sail

If you are interested in sailing come to one of our open days. Much, much better than watching a video of someone else having all the fun.