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Super Sailors

Super Sailors is our fun junior's club which runs each sailing Saturday from Spring, through Summer, into Autumn. Under the guidance of an RYA qualified Senior Instructor, the focus is on learning through enjoyment in a safe environment. Youngsters gain confidence in a sailing boat by playing games and taking part in mini races. We adapt each session to the conditions on the day which may include shore based activities when the wind picks up.

We accept youngsters from the age of about 7 years upwards, who are confident in the water wearing a buoyancy aid, but the starting age depends very much on the maturity of the individual child. No previous sailing experience is necessary, just enthusiasm, and to not mind getting wet. We provide buoyancy aids and helmets which must be worn at all times on, or near, the water.

The boats available to the juniors includes Optimists, Toppers, Teras, Bugs, and Picos, so there is something for all ability and experience levels. We also use the double handed training boats so that those that want to experience sailing in a larger boat can do so with an instructor at the helm whilst the more experienced juniors can take the helm themselves.

Sign in is by 09:00 so we can be rigged and ready to sail by 09:30 followed by a club race at 11:00 especially for beginners and improvers. There are annual junior trophies up for grabs both for achievement and enthusiasm.

There is no additional charge for Super Sailors, however we do require that all juniors taking part are club members, either as part of a family membership, or in their own right. See the "join the club" page for more details of the various types of membership on offer.


Juniors who wish to can also gain their RYA qualifications by signing up for one of our formal junior training courses. The skills, experience, and confidence gained during Super Sailors can be put to good use during these courses.

Important notes to parents and guardians: A parent or guardian must stay at the club during all sessions. We are a self help club where everyone volunteers their time - which means that when your youngster comes along to Super Sailors you automatically become a Super Sailors volunteer too.

Super Sailors volunteers are asked to:

  • Help their children to get boats out of storage and to rig them (we will show you how if you don't know)
  • Make sure boats are not put on the water until checked over by an Instructor
  • Help their children to put the boats away properly afterwards (basically the reverse of getting them out)
  • Provide a galley service as sailing is thirsty work
  • Assist the Instructors as they get the safety boats out of storage and onto the water
  • Provide encouragement to all juniors on an equal basis
  • Let the Instructors do the instructing bit

Qualified Instructor Super Sailors volunteers will:

  • Check all sailing boats before they are put on the water
  • Provide safety boat cover during all sessions on the water
  • Provide encouragement and guidance to all juniors on an equal basis.

When you and your child first come along to Super Sailors we would love to offer you the chance to experience sailing together in one of our larger training boats with an experienced sailor at the helm. Sailing is an activity that all the family can take part in and enjoy. If you are interested please come along to the club during Super Sailors and speak to Janet to find out more. If we don't offer this to you please remind us.

"Like" our Facebook page to keep up to date with all the very latest info and also make sure Janet has a contact e-mail address for you so you get the Super Sailors e-mail updates.


Have you looked at your funwork yet?

Below is a link to an excellent article from the RYA e-newsletter website. There is a great diagram and it includes lots of useful hints like "No Go Zone – this is the bit that you can’t sail in. Your sails will start to flap and your boat will come to a stop."

It is designed especially for the younger boating enthusiast. It's only called "homework" if it's for school. This is for sailing, so it's called "funwork" as knowing what to do helps you have more fun. Why not ask your grown up to help you learn it?

Click here - Do you know your points of sail?