Commodore's comments - December 2017

It seems a while since I’ve been at the sailing club, to actually sail that is! I think the ‘Laying up Supper’ is living up to its name this year – the traditional end of the sailing season before the winter weather truly bites! I’d like to say a big thank you to Katy and Trish for organising the event and it was lovely to see so many members attending this year.

As we approach the New Year we still have two very significant positions that remain unfilled - Training Principal and Treasurer. These positions are essential for both the day-to-day running of the club and the club’s status as a RYA approved training centre. I’d like to appeal to all the members in filling these positions. If you need any more information or have any suggestions, contact myself or any member of the committee. The future of the club will be in jeopardy if we cannot fill these positions.

Sadly, you will have heard that two former Club members have very recently passed away. Nigel Burgoine, John Burgoine’s brother and crew for Nigel Allso during the 70’s, passed away having recently been quite ill. Pat Dunham, a previous Commodore of the Club, also sadly passed away; the post mortem confirmed that he drowned while snorkelling in Barbados. Our thoughts are with their family and friends at this sad time.

As you may be aware, there was no issue of Tamahoy last month due to lack of content. We are planning to publish Tamahoy in January 2018 and then every two months next year with important information being communicated via the weekly updates. Please keep sending articles and items to Sarah.

This coming weekend will be self-help sailing as we approach Christmas. If you dobrave the cold, make sure you’ve got the right gear to keep you safe and warm. Important note – check out your winter equipment before assuming it still fits as my dry suit seems to have shrunk while in storage over thesummer! Not sure if it will be a white Christmas but I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful Christmas-time and all the very best for the New Year.

Darren Rudge

Commodore's comments - October 2017

Part of being Commodore comes the privilege of writing a monthly installment for our club newsletter, Tam-Ahoy. I’d like to begin by thanking Mitesh for all of the hard work he has done over the last year and I know he will take his enthusiasm into his role now as Rear Commodore. And welcome to Dominic as Vice Commodore and all of the members who are offering their time on the club committee and in supporting roles.

It is a real honour to be Tamworth Sailing Club's Commodore for 2017-18. When I joined the club around five years ago, I had no idea what went into running a sailing club and even what it took to be a sailor. It is because of the great people at the club that put their time and effort into helping me develop my skills and learn to sail that I am now more than happy to give something back.

Tamworth Sailing Club is the great club that it is because of the enthusiastic and dedicated people that give their time to help run and develop it. If it wasn’t for these people, our club would not exist and I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who volunteers.

For information on who does what at the club and vacant positions, please see the back of Tam-Ahoy. If you are keen to give something back to the club too, please speak to me or one of the committee members. There is so much to do at the club and plenty of opportunity for you to play a part and we really need your support.

The start of October saw the Charles Stokes cup competition and I’d like to congratulate Dan on his win with some challenging conditions. Talking about challenging conditions, it was great to see even some of our most experienced members learning new skills, such as breast stroke and front crawl – isn’t that right Nigel and Kate!

This year we have our two big social events – the Laying Up Supper and Awards Evening to look forward to, as well as others hopefully.

The Laying Up Supper (on the 25th November) is a great opportunity for this year’s new members to see the members in something other than a wet suit and to socialise and eat some great homemade food. They can also continue to tradition of buying the Commodore a drink. This is a longstanding tradition, starting in November 2017. Only joking of course!

For the Awards Ceremony, we are looking at doing things a bit differently in 2018. We are looking at different ways to reduce the costs and the formality and to make it a little more accessible to all of our members. If you have any ideas or suggestions or any contacts that you think might be helpful, then please let me or Trish and Katy (the club’s Social Secretaries) know.

I look forward to seeing you on the water, even though it might be getting chillier, there’s still great sailing to be had.

Darren Rudge

Thank you to Mitesh for completing his tenure as Commodore 2016-17
and congratulations to Darren on being elected as Commodore for 2017-18